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Defining the Standard of First Aid Delivery

• PICKPAK improves ease of use/convenience

All components for treatment are packaged in order of use, without the need to search through loose supplies.

• PICKPAK Maximizes infection control

Pickpak utilizes FDA approved packages that are single use and disposable. This prevents re-use of possible contaminated supplies.

• PICKPAK improves product/time utilization

In an emergency situation, time is a valueable commodity. Procedure paks provide the necessary supplies in a step-by-step order for speed and efficiency. 

• PICKPAK improves materials management:

Procedure paks have been proven easier to inventory than counting individual components of each pak.

• PICKPAK minimizes exposure to corporate liability and infectious diseases:

Procedure paks by their nature limit the scope of practice of personnel. Everyone performing the same procedure, the same way, with the same products eliminates choices. This minimizes errors that can lead to liability.

• PICKPAK improves quality of patient care.

• PICKPAK components are all latex free.

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