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Revolutionary Protection Treatment & Disposal

PICK® International, Inc. has developed a revolutionary, patented, First Aid Delivery System which prevents the spread of HIV, Tuberculosis, Hepatitis and other infectious diseases – this innovative product is the PICKPAK.

PICKPAKs are ground-breaking first aid products designed for maximum effectiveness and ease of use and they are now available to the general public, large corporations and institutions, emergency responders, healthcare providers and many others all at a great cost and value.

The rate of infectious disease in the world today has caused a redefinition of how first aid is to be delivered. Knowing about first aid and how to render care is no longer enough. There are 3-steps to proper first aid delivery and our PICKPAK product follows these three steps:

  1. Personal Protection
  2. Proper Injury Treatment
  3. Bio-hazard Disposal / Environmental Protection
Anatomy of a PickPak